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jan eschke

Jan Eschke    


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Heiko Jung   


Arno Haselsteiner

Arno Haselsteiner


engineer: Josef Schmiderer

produced: M.Schmiderer

cover design: Diana Cerempei


translation: Max Grosch


Dreizack is our concept of an acoustic piano trio. The equality of all three instruments is just as important to us as a basic energy level, which we decide to stay above in performance. The music derives from a vast amount of influences of various styles and settings, which the musicians have been exposed to over the course of their careers. I personally feel incredibly lucky to be playing with this particular lineup: Gerd and Arno are in terms of creativity and technical facility and finesse on an equally high level.

For the track Bansko, a tune inspired by a traditional Bulgarian folk song , we on spur of the moment decided to add the incomparable Max Grosch on violin as special guest. And rightly so, as you can hear.


Norweger‘ is based on a melody, which has been haunting me for years. Over and over it came to my mind and persistently asked to be written down. Yet I didn’t dare to bring the tune to paper for fear of being too naive and simple. This little melody, however, decided to be merciless, staying with me against all attempts to suppress it. So I finally decided to write it down nevertheless. And now it’s finally made it on to my CD. You happy now…?

Gerds tune ‚Microcosmos‘ finds its origin 20 years ago when written for his band „Triologue“. After a fast and complex theme an open ‘playground’ unfolds. Being performed by various bands throughout Gerds career this tune now seems to have found its port with Dreizack.

Walzer‘ was written in 1993. Therefore it is an aged tune but has couragiously survived in the Dreizack repertoire over all those years… and has been rewarded by being included on this studio session.

The tune ‚Knuspermaus‘ serves as an hommage to my bothers little rodent. The Chilean Degus is quite an agile little animal, which, classified as ‚extreme gnawer‘, can only be recommended as pets with reservation. But they are cute and inspiring. The theme and solo form of the composition are based on an ostinato of 10 measures played in unison on bass and the left hand on the piano. It serves to remind of the distinctive urge to move and gnaw, which these little animals are provided with.

Invention’ is a four part composition for Jazztrio.

Taxi to the 80s‘ by Arno Haselsteiner is strongly influenced by the exceptional drumming of Billy Cobham, who over many years served as one of Arnos heros.

‚Der Schneckenkönig‘ is a kind of snail, whose snail house is wound against the typical direction. The tune is a ballade with an underlying persistent double time feel by the drums. This goes to remind of a snail, which is known to move slow, yet is able to leave considerable damage behind after a night out in the vegetable garden.

On ‘Hey, Taxi’ Gerd Boelicke shines on the loudhailer.


1) Bansko feat. Max Grosch (violine) (trad./J.Eschke)

2) Tricolor (J.Eschke)

3) Norweger (J.Eschke)

4) Microcosmos (G. Boelicke)

5) Walzer (J.Eschke)

6) Die Knuspermaus (J.Eschke)

7) Invention (J.Eschke)

8) Taxi to the 80’s (A.Haselsteiner)

9) Der Schneckenkönig (J.Eschke)


CD Price: € 15.- + € 3 Postage (within Europe)

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